Cj Photography
Cassie's Style:

I am mostly a site photographer only. This means I come to you with all my equipment. I am more open to coming to your home or meeting at a park, or pretty much anywhere else you would like! I have basic studio equipment with several colors of back drops, but I would rather use natural backgrounds if possible. I do not have a specific space in my house, but if my residence is the only possible option, we will make it work.
*Keep in mind, outdoor pictures are the new thing!!! They are gorgeous and stylish*

What to Wear:

I prefer you don't wear clothing that takes away from you, such as strong patterns or logos. Colors are always great , especially with children. Please feel free to bring extra outfits. Remember, the more photos I take, the better chance of you finding more you love!

What to Expect:

My goal is to capture you or your family being themselves! To do so, I do not set a time limit on our shoot session. I want to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed around me. I want to show your true colors in your photos, weather they come out while dancing, laughing, children playing, or anything! Also, if you have any posing ideas, please let me know.


Photographing newborns is amazing! They are so tiny and precious and photographing them helps the mother remember how innocent and small they once were. In order to get great newborn photos, we want the baby warm and to have a full tummy. It's always best when they are sleepy! Newborns also always photograph better in their birthday suits. Bulking clothes make a baby look awkward, but little accessories will make the photo more unique.

If you want to schedule a newborn session, please do so while you are still pregnant because newborns do lose that 'newborn look' VERY fast!


I am now offering a new special on maternity photos. Once every month of your pregnancy, we will get together and do pictures of your progressing pregnancy. This gives new mothers a chance to look back on their pregnancy experience. And Dads, you are always welcome to join in on the pictures!

If you are looking for lower profile maternity photos, then this second option is more in your alley. Towards the end of your pregnancy, we would set up a regular photo shoot. This option, as well as the above option, includes a 30 minute newborn shoot.


Before your shoot takes place the following items must be competed: Questionnaire, Terms and Conditions form, and the sitting fee must be paid.

The questionnaire is a short "survey" type form  that helps give me an idea of what you want in the final product and it helps to incorporate you into the overall process.  If you do not wish to fill out the Questionnaire, your photo shoot will be completely played by ear. It is located below or on the contact information page. Please Email your Questionnaire to me as soon so you can before your shoot.

The Term and Conditions helps to protect my business, my staff/equipment, and myself. It also ensures a top quality, professional, business-like atmosphere.

The sitting fee is half of your overall price.  I require this before the proof CD is mailed to you because weather you buy or not, I spend over 8 hours editing your photos in order to give you top quality choices. After you view your proof CD, the other half of payment is required before I can send your final CD.
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After your Session:

I like to manipulate your photos in several formats to give you the best possible options. Everyone likes different things when its comes to photography so I like to offer as many choices as I can. You will always receive the originally colored photo along with different options.

Because of this, you need to allow me 1-2 weeks to process your photos. After they have been edited, you will receive a CD in the mail with all you photos AND A WATERMARK EMBEDDED across the photos. After you review the photos, you can choose to buy or discard. If you choose to buy, you will need to contact me and you will then receive a CD of your photos WITH A WATERMARK EMBEDDED in the bottom right corner and a copyright form signed by me. You can then print the photos at your leisure. Please know that weather you buy or discard, I would like the proof CD mailed back to me for my own records.

Location Information:

I like to allow you to choose your initial and preferred location. If you do not have a location in mind, I will work with you to choose someplace that will work for both of us. If you have a limited travel arraignments, I can travel over 30 miles (from where I am from (Ankeny)) for a fee of $0.34 per mile added to your final price.

** If you would like extra business cards to give to family or friends, please just ask!